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Welcome to Limius, with social media, communities and planning tools dedicated to sports. Here, athletes and everyone with an interest in sports and other leisure activities can share ideas, join clubs, and create teams, tournaments and even competitions. So go ahead: create your own personal page and join our community!

Help us improve your experience

Limius is continuously looking to improve your experience. If you come across a bug or are missing a feature, please let us know in the Development section of our forum. We will keep an eye on what is being said and consider all your messages when further developing the website.


Very soon, an events section will be rolled out. This new feature will support registration, event scheduling, and the publishing of results. There will be support for all kinds of events, including ladder and all-around competitions. Many sports have multiple disciplines, classes, ages/groups, and levels. Limius offers customized settings for each sport, which can differ per country. Additionally, offline event management is available for those occasions when internet access is not available at the site. This way, even tablets can be used to manage events and results.

Children and COPPA

Children are very welcome at Limius and to offer them the best protection possible, we offer comprehensive parental controls and privacy settings. In compliance with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) the parental controls are mandatory for children under 13 in the U.S. and allows parents to control all their child’s permissions at Limius. The Parent&Child account is based on a limited child account, which is linked to the regular account of an adult. This way, parents get full access to the privacy settings and permissions for their child. In order to activate the child's account, two e-mail addresses must be submitted: one for the child and one for a parent. Multiple child accounts can be linked to one single parent account. Users from outside the US are not screened for their age but can also opt for a Parent&Child account.

We suggest you also watch our videos 'Privacy settings Parent / Child' and 'Extra information for parents' on the 'Safety for Kids' Page.